Cliff Castle Casino puts on the finishing touch

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Cliff Castle Casino hotel prepares for grand opening

by Don Decker, YAN News 8/29/17

Completed Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

A tour was conducted on August 29, Tuesday inside of the hotel to see the beautiful interior that is exquisitely done. It is the premier hotel of Northern Arizona according to James Perry, Marketing Director for the casino.

Lobby area with massive fire place and framed art on the wall with giant TV screen on the north wall. Terminals for laptop computer are on the large massive wood table to the far right.

There are beautiful canvas prints of photographs of the surrounding areas such Sedona, the Montezuma Castle and points of interest in Verde Valley mounted on the walls. In addition there are black and white historical photographs of the Yavapai and Apache people along with the landscape canvas prints. One remarkable photograph taken in the late 30s in Camp Verde shows the late Alice and Mary Irving, Apache sisters.  Alice was the mother of Everett Randall (86) who lives in Rimrock today.

The large heated in-door swimming pool has a ceiling design that incorporates Native American design elements as well as the segmented concrete walk-ways that are slip-proof. The nearby jacuzzi far lower left has jet sprays for relaxation.

The soon-to-be-most-talked-about center piece of the hotel is a large indoor swimming pool with an attached jacuzzi that is sure to capture the hearts of weary travelers who will want to bask in the warm and hot water jet streams in the giant tub after a hard day of touring the area. The ceiling is layered and segmented giving the appearance of the staggered scenes of mountain landscapes nearby. And on the walls of the swimming pool are receded lights that light up the pool side. On the deck of the pool is textured compressed pebbles that are compressed to form a smooth and safe surface for walking on the edge of the pool. It appears like rice crispy cakes from the oven. There is no diving allowed in the pool as the swimmers are reminded from a pool sign nearby. On the east and southeast side of the pool area is a glassed-in walls for views to the east. The swimming pool lounge area will offer expansive areas for chaise chairs and lounge chairs.

James Perry with the Marketing Department shows the massive media table providing ports for laptop and other communication devices for customers.

In  the  registration lobby area, the visitors are greeted by a massive fireplace that is sure to spruce up the winter atmosphere. Above the fireplace are framed art pieces of desert scenes and historical photographs of the Apache and Yavapai people from the late 1880s. There are comfortable stuffed chairs in the lobby area with 3 check-in registration booths that will provide extra service areas for large groups of people. Along the hallway are large pop-out columns made from real wood and there is a break along the perpendicular column that is broken up by tiny colorful mosaics that are inlaid across the width of the columns and about 12 inches high. On the east side of the lobby is a large wooden table for plug-ins for laptop computers.

In another hallway toward the convention center is a huge glassed-in gift shop that will dazzle the visitors. Close to this area are the offices for the staff members who will operate the hotel. All of the canvas prints show images of the surrounding areas including photographs of plants that are only indigenous to the area such as cactus and other desert flora.

The convention center has a massive ceiling light display and can accommodate up to 1200 hundred people for conventions and events.

Looking to the east out into Verde Valley gives the swimming pool a whole new perspective.

The outside lobby area at the new convention center that sits adjacent to the hotel. It will be a short walk for the conventioneers as they find their way to the meetings.

The hotel features nothing but pure wood products for all of their furniture and entertainment centers that will hold massive 48 inch TV screens. On each floor are special suites that has adjoining rooms for sleeping on top of trademark mattresses that are designed only for certain hotels across America. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel happens to be one of those special places for the designer mattresses. The interior decorator is DreamCatchers, LTD  who  designed the interior of the Graceland Mansion Hotel in Memphis recently. The large suites are definitely for the corporate accounts and wedding parties perhaps. Most impressive is all of the wood work in the hotel  are custom cut, stained and painted. All of the regular hotel rooms  have  adjoining rooms for expansion  for different situations. The large massive TV screens are yet to be installed as of this date. The one in the lobby is a curved screen and over 50 inches diagonally.

On the far west side is the convention center that has been opened since June 26 that can accommodate large venues and events. There is a kitchen behind the walls of the convention center so that meals are easily served quickly to the large numbers of people in the convention center. All of the carpet is durable and incorporate  design elements of the southwest with warm colors.

Photographs on stretched canvas adds to the total decor of the hotel. Many of the canvas panels are strategically placed throughout the walls of the lobby area and down the hallways into the corridors to the hotel hallways.

James Perry stated that the time frame for the grand opening has not been established at this point. Certain parts of the hotel is still under fine tuning with painting and installation of the TV’s in each room and electrical connections to the entertainment centers.

Mr. Perry said  the new hotel will be the showcase resort for all of northern Arizona and said that many  features in the hotel are not available in other well-known establishments in northern Arizona.


Photos by YAN News


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