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Nation’s housing on target for 2016-2017

YAN housing department receives prestigous state award
By Don Decker, YAN News

During a recent visit to the YAN Housing office with Shari Benson, Housing Director, a large poster was on display in the lobby signifying a recent state award from the Arizona Department of Housing given to the Nation’s housing. Called the Brian Mickelson Housing Hero Award 2016, this prestigious recognition was awarded on August 24 during a conference in Tucson.
“We have received these awards for the past 3 years,” said Benson proudly.
Mrs. Benson said that the Nation’s housing program is an exemplary program that continues to gain the attention of other Indian tribes from across the country that use the YAN Housing program as a model for their housing programs.
The Housing Unit 5 is an outstanding project and some of the duplexes have been completed with some people having moved in already.
There are a total of 38 homes consisting of 4 singles, 2 triplexes and 14 duplexes. In the Housing Unit #6 that are near completion presently (8/26/17)  with a  35 total homes consisting of 3 singles, 2 triplexes and 13 duplexes.

All the floors have shiny concrete floors that are stained and highly polished that is absent of floor tiling or carpeting. All of the bedrooms are spacious and the pantry next to the kitchen is large with massive shelves. All the appliances are brand new and the washer and dryer are eagerly awaiting the new tenants.

There is a ‘No Smoking’ rule for the new Tunlii housing units and a special designated area on the south side of one of the streets will be a place where residents can go to smoke.
Mrs. Benson said that a recent test done by an independent company showed that the duplexes exceeded the threshold for energy loss—meaning– the units retained the air pressure due to the critical construction of the window sills, the insulation and alignment of door jams and operations of the temperature controls. All of the units are energy efficient and are powered by solar panels which are placed on the roofs of the homes. Between each of the duplexes are waist high concrete brick walls delineating the separation of the property.
Mrs. Benson also pointed to the new lift station that was recently completed in a nearby gully east of the new housing area that has replaced the 2 lift stations that were a burden on the system. The Nation’s sewer system is also designed to process all of the sewer from the county complex across State Route 260 from the Nation’s lands 2 miles to the south where the Yavapai County Superior complex and county detention center is located.

Partitioned walls going up inside of the new community center in Tunlii.

The center piece of the new Tunlii housing development is the 6,000 square feet community center that is due for completion in October.

The duplexes are considered low-income housing and applicants will have to meet the necessary requirements to be considered for housing.
With the pending construction of a large community center in the Tunlii subdivision next to the new subdivisions, trucks have already delivered the prefabricated metal poles and building units for the community center. The community center will feature a large assembly area that can accommodate a number of functions for the Tunlii community including special meetings and gatherings such as wedding receptions. Mrs. Benson stated that various service offices of the Nation can also set up temporary meeting places to service the community members during business hours.
Mrs. Benson said there are many Nation-member workers who are hired for the housing projects as stipulated by the Nation’s TERO office.


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