The Yavapai-Apache people.

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A photo gallery about the Yavapai-Apache people.

Brandon Marquez (r) is part Native Hawaiian and Yavapai. He is deeply immersed in his culture and has developed a large following with students from the Montessori school on the Nation. His grandmother appears in the photo left of this photo.


Yavapai matriarch Katherine Marquez of Clarkdale.


Basket weaving of the late Donna Nightpipe, Yavapai-Apache artist-craftswoman. (Courtesy photo)














Mykayla (r) takes some advice from her auntie during a ceremony in Middle Verde.

The Kinsey family immerse themselves in the Yavapai-Apache culture as representatives of the Nation.

Great, great, great granddaughter of well known Apache medicine man from Fossil Creek in 1909.

Playing Yavapai bingo in community of Clarkdale on September 19, 2017.

Montessori teachers from MIddle Verde School.

Traditional Yavapai dress worn by 7th Generation Yavapai.

Rachel comes from a long line of traditional Dilzhe’eh Apaches from the mountains of Fossil Creek.

Olivia Castillo, Miss Yavapai-Apache Nation 2016-2017 joins other teens from the Nation.

Learning the Yavapai culture at an early age is important for this boy who is holding a gourd.   (Photo by Cindy Eaton)

Seventh Generation Yavapai teens with healthy lifestyles.

Great, great, great granddaughters of Yavapai-Apache who marched to old San Carlos in 1875.

The ‘Changing Woman’ -Izahn-nah’le’he/na’ii’ase in Middle Verde on the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

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