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Camp Verde High School takes state softball 2A title

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Camp Verde cowboys beats Benson High for state 2A title

by Don Decker, YAN News  05/15/19

It was a humid warm evening at a softball stadium on the northeast corner of Arizona State University campus where the Camp Verde cowboys garnished a state title on Tuesday night, May 14.

Teammates Tyra Smith, Jace Finley and Jenna Huey share a special moment with their new trophy.

Last year the Cowboys (and 2 years earlier) had faced Benson and were defeated both times.

This was not the case last night. A game between 2 highly succeessful team creates excitment and t

Tyra Smith holds the trophy up high as team members savor the moment.

he game was packed with surprises that kept both groups of sport fans screaming for more.


The Camp Verde High School took a booster bus and everyone was requested to wear white–which was handy as the loyal fans were easily visible in the stands. And how could anyone miss their applause and shouting words of encouragement.

One of the critical plays was a hit to the left field by Haley Moore of Camp Verde which sent the ball up high over 3rd base and landed short of the left outfielder. The bases were loaded at the time which brought in the 3 runs.

Another time Jace Finley, a Hopi, who is the pitcher for the Cowboys sent a fly-ball into right field which brought in 2 more runners and landing her on 2nd base.

Tyra Smith, daughter of the coach for Camp Verde, Henry Smith, showed remarkable abilities in hitting the balls which created for mass confusion on the opposing team.

As the Camp Verde team began their uptick in hitting, the Benson team changed their pitcher who threw some challenging pitches. However, with some minor adjustments, the Cowboys seemed to gain more confidence with the runs which put them ahead

around the 6th inning.

It’s family time as Cowboy player holds the winning trophy as her father (far right) looks on. Coach Henry Smith is 2nd from right and his assistant on the far left.

A final score of 10-7 brought the Cowboys their much sought trophy.


YAN News photos.


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