Community Health Representative

Community Health Representative (CHR) brings healthy lifestyles

By Don Decker, YAN News

The Community Health Representative Program held a health fair inside of the Nation’s gym on September 16 .
Over 12 agencies and departments participated in this one-day event which drew such organizations as the Phoenix Indian Medical Center Community Health Program, YAN Domestic Violence Program, First Things First, the Yavapai-Apache Nation Police Department, the EPA Office of the Nation, the WIC Program and the Nation’s Agriculture Resource Department.priscilla
Linda Rocha, CHR Program Coordinator said, “It was a great turnout, and better than last year. We had great community support and we had great presenters today. We’re pretty happy!”.
There were health screenings by the CHR program where CHR representative Suzette Dawdy adminsitered blood pressure checks.
Priscilla Sine Preston, elder of the community said she was glad for the blood pressure check. “Mine is very high”, she said.
Renee Gonzales from the WIC Program located within the CHR program also gave out valuable information to the community.
The Agriculture Resource Department hosted by Pauline Jackson showed some of their prized vegetables such as chillis that were grown on the Nation’s lands across the river from the Nation’s Administrative Center.
Other exhibits included the Nation’s EPA department with Vivian Stevens, EPA Specialist and Nancy Ruiz, EPA Assistant who displayed photos of many of the on-going projects within their department suchvivian
as the tamarisk eradication program. Presently the Nation’s EPA department in conjunction with the Arizona CC is conducting a one week training program for 40 AmeriCorp specialists on the Nation’s lands below Camp Verde community where they are being taught how to apply various chemicals to limit the growth of invasive plants such as the Tree of Heaven and to learn how to operate a chain saw.coralie
To motivate visitors to visit each table or exhibit, a validation sheet was provided so that people could receive tickets for raffle items that were to be given away later on in the day.
A healthy lunch was also provided by the CHR program.

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