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Eighth and 12 graders celebrate graduation

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Graduating students are honored

by Don Decker, YAN News/09/19/19

The Nation’s tribal council and executive officers congratulated the 8th and 12 grade class members from all of the Verde Valley schools at a community luncheon on Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18 at the Tunlii Community Center. In the coming days, these students will also receive their grade promotion at each of the schools in Verde Valley and the graduating students at other locations across the country. This will also give the families an opportunity to meet and greet their children as they graduate .

This special gathering was to honor each of the students for their academic achievement and mention of their special talents. Some students who live away from the Nation’s boundaries were recognized as their names were read. The farthest high school graduate was Bronx, New York.

Executive Officers  Chairwoman Jane Russell-Winiecki and Vice Chairman Larry Jackson, Sr. shared a short message with the graduates as the parents also listened in. These were congratulatory recognition and words of wisdom as the students matriculate to the 9th grade this coming fall.

The Johnson O’Malley Education Program, a federally funded program supporting the tutoring of students at all of the Verde Valley schools coordinated this event replete with a meal on both days.

Each student received a promotion certificate and a cash award.



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