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Elders checked into the new Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

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Elders of Yavapai-Apache Nation registered at the new hotel

by Don Decker, YAN News

Chairwoman Jane Russell-Winiecki visits with brother and sister Marvin Honwytewa and Josephine H. Trujillo in the lobby. Marvin was special guest in the hotel.

February 16 and 17 brought over 88 elders into Cliff Castle Casino Hotel. Some of the elders who live in far off places such as Tucson also took advantage of this opportunity. This star jewel of the Yavapai-Apache Nation finally opened its doors to the general public on March 1. But just 2 weeks prior, the Senior Program of the Nation organized a weekend stay for the elders which gave the elders a chance to stay one night (either Friday the 16th or Saturday night the 17th).

Jerry Whagado of Middle Verde checks into the hotel for an overnight stay.

The staff of the hotel had an opportunity to check in the very first “customers” into the hotel-Yavapai-Apache Nation elders.  A special greeting area next to the lobby area also served fresh fruits and snacks to the arriving guests. Penny Smith, YAN tribal member who is part of the hotel staff and another hotel employee served the elders as they made their way to their rooms.

Inside the beautiful rooms that featured high quality furniture and the latest designer beds, a large TV screen and a desk clock that could be seen 180 degrees view greeted the elders. As a special treat, elders received coupons for a dinner and a breakfast the following morning. To sweeten up the visit, coupons were offered for some free games in the casino.

The new unused indoor swimming pool at the hotel was awaiting its first swimmer that was slated for March 1.

The swimming pool was available for viewing only  and was not opened until March 1.

A new workout room for hotel guests with the latest high technology in exercise machines located just a few steps from the lobby area.

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel offers a 5-star accommodations with high quality bedding, furniture and advanced showering technology.

Marble top basins, glass sliding doors, durable fixtures and a rain shower head greets the guests.

High quality solid wood construction and multi-dresser drawers makes for exellent accommodations. It’s a home away from home.

Alexia Eswonia from the Senior Program whose office is in Clarkdale made all the arrangements making sure the elders were settled in their rooms.

The elders expressed their appreciation to the YAN Senior Program and days after the visit to the hotel, the conversation was about the wonderful overnight experience at the new Cliff Castle Casino Hotel.

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