Exodus 2020 scenes

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Kumeyaay singers from San Diego/Viega Band of Kumeyaay
Female dancing with Mountain Spirit Dancers.
Chairman Jon Huey and family
Birddancers for the Pai Nations
Gourd singers from various Pai Nations led by Ron Juan of Middle Verde
Birddancing led by Ron Juan of Yavapai-Apache Nation and others from other Nations.
Apache singers for Mountain Spirit Dance
The Warrior Dance by the Campbell children from Tonto Apache-Payson
Kumeyaay Gourd Dance Singers-from San Diego
Yavapai-Apache Nation youth gourd dance singer.
Buying art at Exodus with visiting artists
Duke Sine-Yavapai-Apache Nation artist from New Mexico. Son of late David Sine who designed Yavapai-Apache Nation logo.
Exodus Spirit Runners in front of the culture center after their 180 mile run from near San Carlos, Arizona .
Exodus Spirit Runners dancing in front of the culture center.
Miss Yavapai-Apache Nation Sa-ha-na Jackson (l) with Avery Smith First Attendant.
Cliff Castle personnel assisting with Exodus: Kim Miranda, Director of Finance and Michael Loring, Director of IT.
Lisa De La Torre and children.
Dancing at the Exodus Pageant with singer Martin Loretto.
Cooking for the Exodus event.
Royalty accept their awards.

Honoring the Exodus Spirit Runners in front of the culture center.
Ron Juan (2nd from left) leads the gourd singers for the bird dancers.
Audience at the arena looking at the dancers.
Birddancing with gourd singers from various nations.
A festive mood during the Pageant as singing group belts out Apache songs.
Miss Yavapai-Apache Nation 2020-21 Sa-ha-na Jackson.

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