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Housing Office Closed Evictions Suspended

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Effective April 6, 2020
The housing office will be closed to the public effective April 6, 2020. Please stay home at this time for the safety of everyone within the community.
EVICTIONS SUSPENDED- On March 18, 2020, the tribal council have passed A Resolution Suspending Evictions Under Housing Programs Managed by Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Housing which states the following:
“The Council believes it is necessary to avoid the risk of residents losing their homes in this difficult time by suspending evictions under housing programs managed by Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Housing (YANTH) until such time as subsequently determined by the Council in consultation with the YANTH Executive Director.”
The suspension of evictions is in place until further notice. Payments are still being accepted. If you have a change in income due to reduced work hours, termination, furlough or any other changes please contact Carol Baca, Housing Services at 928-202-6837 for assistance.
PAYMENTS – Please submit housing payments ONLY by check or money order to PO Box 3310, Camp Verde, AZ 86322.
HOUSEHOLD UPDATES -During this time we understand that you may have changes to income, or your household; therefore please contact Carol Baca, Housing Services Manager at 928-202-6837 for assistance. EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS ONLY-The maintenance department will work on emergency work orders, such as stoves, refrigerators, heater/ac units, electrical, gas or propane leaks, water leaks, and plumbing issues. For any emergency work orders please call the on-call person at 928-821-1773. If you have any questions please give Maintenance Supervisor, Danny Chatter a call at 928-451-1231.
QUESTIONS/CONCERNS -If you have any question or concerns or are unable to reach the on-call person, or the maintenance supervisor, you may reach Nadie Beauty, Executive Director @928-301-0229.
As more information is received regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) the Nation is taking necessary precautions to protect the community and employees.
The staff at YANTH thanks you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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