Nation’s sewer lines packed with underwear

Nation’s sewer system is stymied by underwear

by Don Decker, YAN News

Underwear stuck inside of a pump.

According to Utilties Authority director Marti Blad, people’s underwear, tooth brushes and candy wraps¬† are showing up in the sewer line where the flushed objects create a log-jam inside of the powerful pumps that transfers the sewer water to the treatment plants.

Inside of the pumps, there are different components that pumps the sewer water further upward to the treatment plants.

When these objects get caught inside of the pumps they often damage the various components which either requires replacement parts or replacement of the entire pump.

Pulverized garment fished out of the pump unit.

Nation’s residents residing in the housing areas are advised to not flush objects into the sewer system.

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