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Newark Boys Choir visits Yavapai-Apache Nation

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Well-known Newark Boys Choir sings in Middle Verde-Montessori School!

By Don Decker, YAN News  03/19/18

Donald Morris, Boy’s Choir director, leads the boys in songs.

The Newark Boys Choir are a noted singing group that attend the Newark Boys Chorus School in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is just across from New York City.

Donald Morris, the choir director said that the choir arrived last Wednesday, March 14 and sang in Tucson at a church and then stopped in Phoenix as well.

This brief stop gave them an opportunity to sing for the Montessori students who were about ready to leave for home when the choral group finally arrived on Monday, March 19.

There had been a brief delay in Phoenix and their noon time appearance at the Montessori School had to be moved up.


At the beginning of March, Margie Campos, public relations assistant, received a call directly from the outside of the Nation’s main number and spoke with the school’s trip coordinator who was inquiring about the choral group’s interest in visiting an Indian reservation and singing at the local “Camp Verde school”. Ms. Campos said that the only school in the community for Yavapai-Apache Nation was the Montessori School. Hence, Ms. Campos made the referral of the school to Ms. Lettie, manager of the Montessori School who took on the task of making the choir’s visit possible today.

Ms. Lettie said the Newark school wanted to really make an effort in having the choir sing on an Indian reservation but the only Indian reservation they could find was hours off of the main highway to Grand Canyon. Conveniently, the Yavapai-Apache Nation popped into view for the school since the choir was planning a visit to the Grand Canyon. This short stop along the way gave the boys about 15 minutes to visit with the Montessori students who waited patiently for them.

Singing some traditional folks songs and welcoming songs of friendship in full harmony, the boys became very informal as they walked toward the students sitting on the ground and sang to them.

Before long, this festive mood created for good communication and greetings from the boys and their touring counselors and choir directors.

At the very last minute, the Montessori students also sang for their guests in native Yavapai and counted numbers in showing their language skills.

But the songs had to end and the boys took the time to give their ‘high-fives’ to the students for their good byes.

The Newark Boys Choir has traveled extensively world-wide in European countries as well as Japan and the continental United States.


YAN News photos.

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