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Newly elected Yavapai-Apache Nation executive offices and council member take office

Newly elected Yavapai-Apache Nation executive officers and council member take office
By Don Decker, YAN News
It’s official. The Yavapai-Apache Nation inaugurated Jane Russell Winiecki as Chairwoman of the Yavapai-Apache Nation on October 1, Saturday, in Middle Verde, Arizona. Larry Jackson Sr. was also installed as the new Vice Chairman and Siera Russell as the new council member.jane-oath
Apache elder Vincent Randall spoke briefly before his invocation about the prayer he was about to offer in Apache and to empower the new administration to have an open mind and follow their conscience.
Over 150 people attended the inauguration which also featured a dinner for the guests served by the United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) group of the Yavapai-Apache Nation
Special guests were Bernadine Burnette, tribal chairwoman of the Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation east of Phoenix and Jeri DeCola who was just installed as the new Tonto Apache Tribal chairwoman the day of Yavapai-Apache Nation’s inauguration.
Both Mrs. Burnette and Mrs. DeCola brought greetings from their respective Nations and wished the newly elected officials success in their endeavors with their administration.
Paul Russell who is also council member of the Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation attended the inauguration as he is part of the Russell family that is related to both Jane Russel Winiecki, Siera Russell and on the Larry Jackson, Sr. family through marriage.
The newly elected officials shared their vision and appreciation to all members of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.


Chairwoman Jane Russell Winieckijame-russell-winiecki
As I gratefully accept the responsibility of being your Chairwoman for the next three years, I am aware of the many tribal members who made this possible. Thank you.
I am also aware that you have hopes for real change and a desire for your lives to improve in some real way. I’m aware that this challenge is to be a leader whose watch will be to have your backs at all times. I’m aware that we are divided on too many issues and that we must learn to accept our differences on or off the reservation, and move into a place of shared prosperity.
I’m painfully aware that we must struggle with all our strength to maintain our culture, as we are ever pulled into a whirlwind which would tear us apart from our beloved mother earth and sacred teachings of those who are gone but would have us remember them.
I’m aware that our precious children are our treasure and hope for a continued future of the Yavapai-Apache people.
And finally, I am aware that I cannot achieve the success we all desire without your help. I humbly accept this responsibility and ask for your continued support…for the benefit of all our people.
Thank you very much.
Chairwoman Jane Russell Winiecki


Vice Chairman Larry Jackson, Sr.larry-jackson-speaking
It is with a humble heart and gratitude that I take the trust and confidence of those who supported me and promise I will, to the best of my ability, work diligently to continue to earn that trust each day I am in office.
To all the Yavapai-Apache Nation I say that this is a position I do not take lightly and will strive to always be fair and trustworthy to all the membership.
I am committed to providing a fair work environment for all employees.
To support those in management so they can continue to work hard to provide services, maintain our real property and to provide opportunities for our employees to advance.
I will work hard to provide job opportunities for Tribal Members not only with the Tribal Government and Casino, but with increased profitable economic development that will generate revenue and employment.
I will immediately begin to establish a Community Representative Council so that all communities, both large and small, have a voice in how the nation provides support to each.larry-jackson
I will work to establish a periodic report to the Nation on all facets of Revenue/Expenditures, Member services and projected milestones that are being planned.
And finally, I wish to say that as we move forward as a Nation, it will be with your voice and dreams that we forge a future for our children.
Thank you.
Larry Jackson,Sr.
Vice Chairman

Council member Siera Russellsierarussell
I want to acknowledge the prayers, inspiration, and support of our Yavapai-Apache citizens, friends and all my relations as your newly elected tribal council member. I am humbled by your vote of confidence. It is with deep gratitude that I accept this position. I will protect your trust and serve honorably.
As a team player, I am ready to work hard with your elected leaders and to move forward with your support, input, and feedback. I will advocate for policies that enhance the dignity and independence of all our people. Together with your council, I will advocate for a more fiscally transparent government and consistent reports to our citizens both on and off the reservation.
With my background in Federal Indian Law, I want to assist in securing our Water Rights.
I will collaborate with your elected leaders, elders, and community citizens to improve communication and access to information & services and advocate for the live video streaming of council meetings.
I will work with your elected leaders to enact laws and policies that you decide best promote and protect our two distinct heritages, culture, and sovereignty.siera-russell-oath

Together we can rebuild our community as a prosperous environment where parents, families, and individuals can succeed at home and at work. Together we can change what needs fixing.

Thank you,
Siera Russell, Councilwoman


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