Reese Property of YAN provides ideal fishing spot

The Reese Property is one of the properties own by the Yavapai-Apache Nation and it is located within the vicinity of Camp Verde on the south side. This place is a perfect place to swim and catch fish or even a picnic with the family. The land holding is not very large and occupies just the edge of the river. Once you arrive near the property, you will have to walk into the property.204 There is a gate to the property and it is clearly marked with a caution sign for hikers who may want to pass through the property. The EPA department closely monitors all of the Verde River banks where it touches the Nation’s boundaries to assure the physical environment is not disturbed such as contamination of the water and the land.
All visitors to the area are reminded that littering is prohibited and that glass containers are strictly not allowed.
If you visit the area, you must carry out the garbage for proper disposal.
For directions, follow Highway 260 east of downtown Camp Verde 1 mile to Quarter Horse Land and turn to the right and follow the road till it comes to an end and watch for the Nation’s demarcation sign.
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