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YAN Agriculture Dept. features new beef products

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Yavapai-Apache Nation Agricultural Resource Dept. launches new beef products. YAN council members pose with Robbie Satran (in red shirt), owner of Robbie’s Restaurant in Rimrock, Arizona and other staff members of the Nation’s ranch.


JULY 25, 2019

Yavapai-Apache Agriculture Launches Native Beef.

By Trapper Moore, Rez Media Group

CAMP VERDE, AZ – On July 18, the Yavapai-Apache Nation Agriculture Program officially launched its tribally owned and operated Native Beef Brand during a joint luncheon with Robbie’s Restaurant in Rimrock Arizona.

The Tribe’s Agriculture Program specializes in the production of high-quality alfalfa hay and other grassroots farm produce to sustain the tribal community. In 2019, the Program began the planning and development of the Native Beef Brand. Native Beef focuses on the increased ranching function of the Nation and its tribally owned beef production. The official launch of Native Beef, provides access to restaurants, the general public and tribal community to the Nation’s USDA approved and tribally raised beef products.

“The Nation has farmed and ranched for decades. We wanted to do more with our livestock and felt that beyond raising the Nation’s cattle, we could begin processing them to provide tribally raised beef to the Verde Valley,” stated Yolanda Trujillo, Agriculture Manger for the Nation. “We are proud of this milestone and our ability to begin providing local restaurants and the community with high-quality, locally grown and raised beef.”

Robbie’s Restaurant in Rimrock has strategically partnered with the YAN’s Agricultural Native Beef, to provide the restaurant with its beef products. On July 18 the Nation provided the first delivery of Native Beef to Robbie’s. The partnership is a demonstration how the Nation and local Verde Valley businesses can collaborate and support the inter-connected economies of the rural communities.

Robbie Satran, Owner of Robbie’s Restaurant said, “This is an exciting time for Robbie’s, knowing that we can locally source our beef products that deliver high-quality in our dining experience. We are proud that we are able to partner with the Nation, and appreciate the Nation supporting local businesses, which is a win-win for rural Arizona. We pride ourselves on high quality ingredients that our customers experience. The Native Beef that we have introduced in our menu delivers on the customers experience and expectation of quality.”

Native Beef is a brand that the Nation and local communities can be proud of, locally raised and processed to ensure quality, freshness and a regional economic impact. All beef is raised on the Nation’s Bald Hill Ranch and managed by local ranchers, Dusty Trammel, Manager and Barry Brashears, who come from generations of ranching in Northern Arizona. The BaldHill Ranch is located on the Prescott National Forest on more than 15,423.7 acres of land. The Nation also operates the Cloverleaf Farm and Ranch located in Middle Verde, which is headquarters to the Nation’s Agriculture and Native Beef programs.

“It’s an exciting time to launch the Nation’s Native Beef and to partner with Robbie’s Restaurant. It is our hope that we can partner with other small business owners to supply their restaurant establishments with our quality beef products. We appreciate Robbie’s and this partnership which provides mutual benefits to both tribal and non-tribal businesses and promotes the development of a small business intrinsic economy that is sustainable. Our approach in the Agriculture Program is long-term sustainability to ensure a positive and healthy impact in our tribal community. Strategic partnerships with amazing small business owners like Robbie’s demonstrates that together we can create a collaborative and sustainable agricultural industry,” stated Trujillo.

Since its launch, Native Beef products are available to the tribal community, general public and Verde Valley restaurants at the Nation’s Agriculture Program’s Cloverleaf Farm and Ranch Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information contact Yavapai-Apache Agriculture at 928-649-6914 or email



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