Yavapai-Apache encourages people to read

“Reading is the key”:  Jaynae Medina

By Don Decker, YAN News  10/5/16

Many 11 year olds don’t have a cause they support but Jaynae Medina has a message for you IF you can read this.

jaynaeIt all goes back to the days in school when you picked up the first ‘Dick and Jane’ book in 2nd grade in the 50’s or perhaps getting a library card which gave you that ability to learn how to read. And thanks to your teacher who  gave you that ability to read and to become more educated. Your success in life depends on reading.

This is what Ms. Medina believes and she says the only way to make people smarter (and more intelligent hopefully)  is by teaching them how to read and to read more often. Hence, Ms. Medina is on a campaign to get people to donate books to the new Camp Verde library that will have its grand opening on November 3.

Ms. Medina recently visited the Montessori School on the Yavapai-Apache Nation where she read to the children without mispronouncing any word. It was perfect. And the reason why is because this 6th grader disciplined herself in learning to read.

Grandmother Suzette Dawdy, Apache, and CHR representative  from Middle Verde attended this reading session at the Montessori School to show support for Ms. Medina’s current book drive. Mrs. Dawdy said she is proud of her granddaughter for the initiative she has set in motion.princess

By now, you should have plenty of dusty books on the shelves at your home that haven’t been read in years and maybe covered with spider webs. Perhaps you would make a generous donation of those books to the Camp Verde Library in hopes that someone would benefit from reading the books and learning from it.

If you live in Middle Verde, you can donate the books at the social service building, the food bank, Ernie’s Smoke Shop across from the Hotel at Cliff Castle, and in Camp Verde  at the Middle School where Ms. Medina attends school.




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