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Yavapai-Apaches in India

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Yavapai-Apaches in India: Saving souls

By Don Decker, YAN news           03/20/18

Jesse Cluck

The Cluck family in India

Yavapai-Apache Jesse Cluck and his wife and children now reside in Guragon, India, a suburb of Dehli which has close to 50 million people in the area. Jesse’s parents, Glen and Donna Cluck have been missionaries in the Philippines for many years. Jesse’s mother, Donna, is part Yavapai and Apache and is the daughter of the late Mamie Irving-Rice (Captain Smiley’s granddaughter who is now deceased) and Stan Rice, Sr. of Prescott-Yavapai. Mamie’s sister, Grace Irving of Camp Verde, was the mother to Don Decker.

The Clucks with church members and deacons.

And thanks to an email from Tunlii resident Laura Cornelius to Don Decker who uncovered this treasure trove of information about Yavapai-Apaches traveling the world sharing their Christian beliefs. The Clucks notified the public relations office early  morning on March 20 around 2 a.m. (2 p.m. their time!) and elaborated more on their church mission in India. Jesse stated that his family has spent the past “4-5 years in Bangalore, Karnataka South India building a church there”.

Stay tuned for this fascinating story in the April issue of the Nation’s newsletter!!


Courtesy photos from Jesse Cluck

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